industrial dishmachine

MD 401

Compact efficiency and versatile design make these machines perfect for small commercial kitchens, bars, nursing homes, churches etc.  Hi-temp and Low-temp models are available and operate very quietly with double wall construction.   We offer ENERGY STAR under-counter models with door openings large enough to accommodate large wares and trays.


MD 2000

Door type machines preserve space, water, chemicals and energy while producing sparkling clean results every time.  Depending on your requirements, champion door-type machines are also available in low-temp or hi-temp.  The 2000 series is field convertible for 40 to 70 degree rise, single or three phase, 208 tp 240 volt.  You can even change the unit in minutes from straight through to a corner operation.



Perfect for bars and tight spaces.  Glass washers clean and sanitize up to 2,000 glasses per hour.  Choose from our rotary or pass-through unit, both providing up to 12” of clearance for taller stemware.  The three-pump injection system provides precise chemical dispensing.  Upper and lower wash and rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time.  Fresh, cool water sanitizes glasses in the final rinses so they are ready for immediate use.


Please inquire for pricing on purchase and rental of new and reconditioned equipment.

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