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In 2011, Hawco Products Limited acquired Diamond Products. This acquisition brought together Hawco’s 49 year history of manufacturing with the industry leading sales and technical service of Diamond Products. We continue to market a premium line of Warewash, Laundry and Housekeeping products under the Diamond brand. These products are backed by a dedicated team of sales and service technicians whose focus is to address the needs of the end user and distributor.


Diamond is a premium hospitality program. We supply dispensing equipment and technicians for laundry, warewash & housekeeping systems.

Your equipment is key to your day-to-day operation.  You simply can not afford downtime.
Diamond Products offers a complimentary service to all Warewash, Laundry and Housekeeping Customers.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program offers:

            • Scheduled maintenance visits that fit your operating hours.

            • Regular maintenance services such as equipment calibrations, and tube replacement.

            • Proactive identification of repairs/ not reactive.

            • A comprehensive evaluation and testing of your equipment.

Warewash & Housekeeping Dispensing Pumps

Dilution at Hand pump features:
• Remote fill option for easy filling of buckets and scrubbers when location flexibility is required
• One-hand bottle fill allows operator more flexibility when filling spray bottles
• Action Gap and Air Gap backflow options to meet local plumbing agency requirements
• Optional multi-product / dilution selector valves are available in single or dual for up to 8 products or dilutions
• 1 gallon-per-minute flow control disc improves dispensing accuracy with ultra lean dilutions
• Optional 1 gallon (5 l) or 2 liter (1/2 gal) locking enclosures for various bottle sizes
– Modular design allows any number of cabinets to be coupled together
– Built-in hinges improve cabinet durability
– Molded drip tray snaps into locking enclosure

blue chemical dispensing unit
Model No. No. of Stations No. of Chemicals
801GAP 1 Bottle Fill 1
802GAP 1 Bucket Fill 1
803GAP 1 Bottle Fill 4

        Additional Models Available including Air Gap

industrial washers in laundry room

Laundry Dispensing Pumps

Atlas is the premier on-premise laundry system with a unique modular design that provides easy addition of up to 7 pumps for greater flexibility. Atlas features an ABS enclosure with formula select keypad and John Guest quick connect for fast tube connection and changing. Atlas is prewired with a 15 foot power cord with 115 volt plug. The system features a 100-265 VAC 50/60 Hz auto-switching power supply and 24 VDC 105 rpm gear motors. Atlas features the same pump as the TITAN warewash dispenser with quick change pump covers for faster service and spring loaded 2-roller design for extended tubing life. An optional large pump that delivers up to 50 ounces per minute in also available when higher volume output is required.

Benefits and Features:

  • Atlas is available standard with 2 to 7 pumps and with or without a flush manifold. It comes complete with a Universal Select Module (USM) end user formula selector. Programming is done with the stand alone EDSM II or Data Grip remote modules.
  • Atlas modes and features include:
  • AUTO FORMULA-SELECT: Allows laundry machine to choose formula with a signal to the dispenser.
  • RELAY: Allows laundry machine to control the dispenser and accept any number of programs.
  • SEQUENCE: Used on non-programmable, fixed time, and older machines that do not have adequate programming functions by counting drain closings and pumping pre-determined amounts of product
  • MANUAL FORMULA-SELECT: The 20 formula keypad allows non-microprocessor laundry machines to have specific formulas for  various soil classifications.
  • ABS enclosure with formula-select keypad and display
  • Modular design that accommodates from 2-7 pumps or 6 pumps with a flush manifold
  • Two quick change pump options for regular or large volume
  • Multiple tube options to handle virtually any chemistry
  • Quick connect John Guest or barb connection options
  • Optional USM formula remote for user formula selection
  • Separate stand alone EDSM remote for programming and formula storage plus for formula selection
  • Data collection and reporting capable through optional Data Grip
Model No. No of Chemicals
844P.4JJJJ 4
844P.5JJJJJ 5
844P.6JJJJJJ 6

Additional Models Available