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TYPE E "Eco Logo"  All Purpose Cleaner

Type E All Purpose Cleaner is a unique, biodegradable, versatile cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer. This product can be used on porcelain fixtures, appliances, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, tubs, tiles, sinks and all other hard surfaces. This specially formulated detergent will penetrate and dissolve the most difficult cleaning jobs. Biodegradable and Eco Logo Registered.

Product Code: H324-4 (4x4L)
H324-20 (20L)
H324-204 (204L)

MIRROR MAGIC Glass Cleaner

A superior glass and chrome cleaner that contains grease cutting agents and emulsifiers. This powerful ready-to-use formula dries quickly and leaves no residue, leaving glass and chrome surfaces sparkling clean and streak-free. Cuts through grease & grime. Recommended for use on windows, glass counters, taps, fixtures, appliances, windows, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, vinyl and tile.

Product Code: H119-12 (12x909ml)
H119-12T (w/triggers)
H119-4 (4L)
H119-20 (20L)
H119-204 (204L)

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