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ALMOND Hand Soap

Almond Crème Hand Soap is a superb, concentrated soap formulated to remove tough soils, grease, grime and oils. A high quality product containing pearlizers and a rich viscosity. Almond Crème Hand Soap may also be used safely as a body wash. Special Conditioning agents leave skin soft and supple, protecting hands against chapping. Almond Crème Hand Soap has a delicious almond scent.

Product Code: H918-4 (4L)
H918-20 (20L)
H918-204 (204L)

BALANCE Hair & Body Shampoo

A luxurious hair and body shampoo containing cleansing  soaps, glycerine, and skin conditioners. Produces a rich lather that moisturizes the skin, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.

Product Code: H901-4 (4L)
H901-20 (20L)
H901-204 (204L)


An economical pink lotion hand soap that possesses excellent cleaning abilities, a soft texture, luxurious suds, and a refreshing cherry fragrance. Cherry Pink does not contain harsh abrasives or solvents. Lanolin is added to the formula giving it extra conditioners leaving hands soft and smooth.

Product Code: H916-4 (4x4L)
H916-20 (20L)
H916-204 (204L)


CLEAR LOTION Hand Soap-Unscented

Clear lotion hand soap is formulated with cleaning agents selected for their softness. Efficiently cleans hands while leaving them soft. Forms a rich and stable lather.

Product Code: H912-4 (4x4L)
H912-20 (20L)
H912-204 (204L)



An instant foaming hand soap. For use in a variety of public facilities including schools, daycare centers, office buildings and malls.

Product Code: H914-4 (4x4L)
H914-20 (20L)
H914-204 (204L)

FROSTY PEARL Lotion Hand Soap

An all time favorite of our customers! A special blend of mild cleaning agents and rich emollients, specifically formulated for gentle hand washing and to prevent dry skin. A rich pearlized  lotion with a pleasant fragrance.

Product Code: H915-4 (4x4L)
H915-20 (20L)
H915-204 (204L)

MEDICLEAN Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

A concentrated, anti-bacterial hand soap specifically formulated for effective hand cleaning and sanitizing. Contains proven microbial and is recommended for health care and food establishments. Special conditioning agents leave skin soft and supple and help protect against chapping.

Product Code: H907-12 (12x1L)
H907-4 (4L)
H907-20 (20L)
H907-204 (204L)

WHISH Waterless Hand Cleaner

A white paste, waterless hand cleaner with rich emollients. Extremely effective formula for removing heavy dirt, grease and grime from hands. Perfect for industrial use.

Product Code: W803-20 (20L)
W805-1 (3.5kg can)
W805-4 (4x3.5kg cans)
W806-4 (4x4L w/pump)
W807 (6x3.5kg cans w/dispenser)
W812 (12x450ml)

WORKOUT Citrus Lotion - With or Without Grit

A citrus based hand cleaner that uses the natural solvent power of orange citrus to effectively dissolve grease and oil-based soils from dirty hands. Also available with pumice for gentle action scrubbing that quickly removes grime and dirt.

Product Code:    W751 (12x225ml)
W771 (12x225ml with grit)
W757 (4x3.6L plus pump)
W777 (4x3.6L plus pump with grit)
W759-20 (20L)
W779-20 (20L with grit)       

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