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Alkali Builder

Alkaline Builder is a highly alkaline break/builder that is formulated for use with automatic liquid dispensing systems in institutional and commercial laundries. May be used separately as a break or in conjunction with detergent and is safe for use on all machines washable fabrics. Contains no Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, EDTA, NTA or known carcinogens.

Product Code: NL520-4 (4x4L)
NL520-20 (20L)
NL520-204 (204L)

BFU - OxyKleen

Oxy Kleen used together with detergents, is a non-pollution oxygen bleach for laundry, which perfectly removes heavy dirt that cannot be removed by regular detergent or without pre-washing or soaking. A large amount of active oxygen eliminates not only microbes hiding in every nook of fabrics, but also any unpleasant smells. Oxy Kleen will make coloured clothes vivid. Oxy Kleen is compatible with all household laundry detergents.

Product Code:



Brown Out Rust Remover

Removes Rust from: Cotton, Linen, Silk,
Wool, Synthetic Fibres.

Product Code: NL836-4 (4x4L)
NL836-20 (20L)

Fabric Softener

Liquid Fabric Softener makes all washables soft and fluffy. Makes ironing easier and helps to eliminate chaffing. Clothes stay fresh, wear longer and wrinkle less.

Aids in elimination of static electricity which stops clinging of clothes to body. Excellent for blankets, sweaters, sheets, towels, pillow cases, lingerie, diapers, work clothes, hosiery and any other washable materials.

Product Code: NL551-4 (4x4L)
NL551-20 (20L)
NL551-204 (204L

Fabric Softener/Sour

A Fabric Softener and neutralizer that reduces wrinkling and static electricity, speeds extraction and drying. Neutralizes harmful chemical residue. Also improves ironing time.

Product Code: NL550-4 (4x4L)
NL550-20 (20L)
NL550-204 (204L

Laundry Sour

A combined neutralizer and brightener for industrial and institutional laundry use.

Product Code: NL552-4 (4x4L)
NL552-20 (20L)
NL552-204 (204L

Liquid Laundry Detergent w/Enzyme

Specially formulated to give you high detergency and controlled low sudsing.

Product Code: NL536-4 (4x4L)
NL536-20 (20L)
NL536-204 (204L

Liquid Laundry Detergent w/Enzyme-Hi Eff.

High efficiency washing machines accommodate larger loads and save money on utility bills, but you need the right laundry detergent to get the results you expect. HE is specially formulated to unlock the cleaning potential of high efficiency washers. Standard detergents can cause over-sudsing when less water is used, and using less detergent sacrifices cleaning power. HE provides excellent cleaning with the right level of sudsing.

Product Code: NL537-4 (4x4L)
NL537-20 (20L)
NL537-204 (204L

One Step Detergent

ONE STEP is a medium strength powder used for a wide range of washing from heavy to lightly soiled materials. Added fortifiers enhance brightness of colours and whites while reducing stains and odours on all types of fabrics.

Product Code: NP121-2.5kg

Oil & Grease Emulsifier

Removes All Types of Tough Oil & Grease Stains!
Use as a pre-spotter & Laundry additive

Product Code: NL651-4 (4x4L)
NL651-20 (20L)

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