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SHORT CUT Concentrated Wax Stripper

Our customers #1 choice! Short Cut contains a unique blend of fast-acting emulsifiers that penetrate and dissolve floor finishes. Short Cut can penetrate even multiple layers of finishes and sealers. Effective on all types of water-based finishes and sealers. Very economical. May be applied with a mop or floor machine.


Product Code: H810-4 (4x4L)
H810-20 (20L)
H810-204 (204L)



BASE COAT Floor Sealer

Our premium sealer, specifically formulated for high traffic areas that require high durability. This acrylic emulsion formula dries crystal clear, and is formulated to protect the original beauty of terrazzine, terrazzo, ceramic, marble and all hard surface flooring . Odourless, non-flammable and anti-slip. Base coat seals tiles and restores gloss, stops stains and grease proofs. Drying time, 30-45 minutes.

Product Code: H858-4 (4x4L)
H858-20 (20L)
H858-204 (204L)



SNAP 20% & 25% Floor Finish

High gloss and high solids floor finish that is designed to give superior protection to floors. Stands up to black marks and scuffs while retaining durability and very high gloss. Made for the professional who need a versatile product for all types of flooring. Suitable for all types of resilient flooring including cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and cement.

Product Code: H862-4 (4x4L~ 20% solids)
H862-20 (20L~20% solids)
H862-204 (204L~20% solids)
H863-4 (4x4L~25% solids)
H863-20 (20L~25% solids)
H863-204 (204L~25% solids)



CLEAR CRETE Concrete Sealer

A concrete sealer providing a smooth durable surface. A new water clear solvent combination makes concrete floors resistant to sunlight and will not yellow. Grease and oil resistant. Very fast drying. Available in two solids: 20-22% or 11-12% solids. Prevents concrete dusting.

Product Code: H843-4 (4x4L~ 11-12%)
H843-20 (20L~11-12%)
H843-204 (204L ~11-12%)
H842-4 (4x4L~ 20-22%)
H842-20 (20L ~20-22%)
H842-204 (204L ~20-22%)


CEMDRI Silicone Concrete Sealer

CEMDRI Silicone Concrete Sealer is a high solid concrete floor sealer. Available in 2 solids, 5% or 10%.

Product Code: H844-20 (20L~ 5%)
H844-204 (204L~ 5%)
H845-20 (20L~ 10%)
H845-204 (204L ~10%)


WASH & SHINE Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner

A one-step, neutral cleaner designed to quickly remove embedded soils without any residue, leaving the floor sparkling clean. Wash & Shine requires no rinsing, and only leaves behind a high shine on your floors, and a fresh lemon scent. Wash & Shine works in acid or alkaline conditions and will remove dulling soap and film left by cleaners.

Product Code: H802-12 (12x1L)
H802-4 (4L)
H802-20 (20L)
H802-204 (204L)


SALT STOP Salt Remover

Salt Stop excels at dissolving messy deposits of salt and calcium on hard floors, entrance matting and carpets. An acidic cleaner developed for the control of alkaline application of sealer and floor finishes. This concentrated formula is an economical, fast acting, neutralizer and rinse agent, for industrial and commercial uses. Recommend for use on granite, limestone and ceramic tiles.

Product Code: H804-4 (4L)
H804-20 (20L)
H804-204 (204L)


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