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TYPE E "Eco Logo"  All Purpose Cleaner

Type E All Purpose Cleaner is a unique, biodegradable, versatile cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer. This product can be used on porcelain fixtures, appliances, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, tubs, tiles, sinks and all other hard surfaces. This specially formulated detergent will penetrate and dissolve the most difficult cleaning jobs. Biodegradable and Eco Logo Registered.

Product Code: H324-4 (4x4L)
H324-20 (20L)
H324-204 (204L)

TYPE E "Eco Logo" Bathroom Cleaner

A powerful and multi-functional cleaner that is safe to use. This cleaner works with the power of an acid but is mild is a liquid soap. It is absolutely safe to surfaces and the environment. It has no harsh fumes and is scent free making it very user friendly.

Product Code:  H921-4 (4x4L)
H921-20 (20L)
H921-204 (204L)

TYPE E "Eco Logo" Glass Cleaner

This eco friendly glass cleaner is not harmful to the environment. It is scent free and user friendly. Used for streak free, hard surface cleaning. Type E Glass Cleaner is fast and effective. With little effort it removes grease, grime, stubborn lipstick, crayon, bugs, dirt, dust and fingerprints. Type E Glass Cleaner leaves glass surfaces sparkling clean and streak free. Biodegradable and Eco Logo Registered.

Product Code: H118-4 (4x4L)
H118-20 (20L)
H118-204 (204L)

TYPE E "Eco Logo" Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

A heavy duty degreaser that is eco friendly and biodegradable. This powerful cleaner degreaser is designed to loosen and combine with oils, greases and soils, so that when flushed with water, all soil is readily rinsed away. Useful in cleaning and degreasing automobiles, trucks, tractors, equipment, machinery, manufacturing equipment, stainless steel, tar and asphalt equipment, concrete floors, and more. May be used on any surface not harmed by water. Biodegradable and Eco Logo Registered.

Product Code: H335-4 (4x4L)
H335-20 (20L)
H335-204 (204L)

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