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Diamond Auto Power Detergent

Diamond Auto Power - Encapsulated detergent exclusively for an automated system; designed to be free rinsing and can be used on soft metals.


Product Code: HD29.00 (4 x 3.6kg)


Diamond Edge C

EDGE C DETERGENT is a unique chlorinated blend of wetting agents and potassium based ingredients. It prevents the formation of foam and thereby helps to maximize and maintain wash pressure throughout the wash cycle. Excellent for dish washing machines and glass washers. Removes coffee stains & lipstick from cups & glasses.

Product Code:

HD23.01 (4 x 3.78L)
HD23.05 (18.9L)


Diamond Edge H.W. Detergent

Edge HW Detergent - Highly concentrated machine detergent, specially formulated for hard water conditions.

Product Code:

HD20.01 (4 x 3.78L)
HD20.05 (18.9L)


Diamond 12% Destainer

Diamond 12% Destainer - Chlorinated destainer removes stubborn stains while it deodorizes and boosts the capability for cleaning whites and most colorfast fabrics.

Product Code: HD53.01 (4x3.78L)
HD53.05 (18.9L)


Double Diamond Machine Detergent

Double Diamond Machine Detergent - Commercial concentrate formulated for fast and efficient cleaning of heavily soiled dishes and flatware. The best in the industry.

Product Code: HD21.01 (4 x 3.78L)
HD21.05 (18.9L)



Diamond UCD Automatic-Powder Detergent

UCD Automatic Powder - Powdered detergent used when automated dispensing equipment is not used. Free rinsing with added stain removers.


Product Code: HD22.25 (11.3kg)


Diamond Chizel High Solids Rinse

Diamond Chizel High Solids Rinse- Rinse additive for commercial dishwashers that dramatically accelerates drying time and reduces water spotting. Great for plastics. Low foam formulation controls foam in the wash tank & improves washing efficiency. Premium quality formulation designed to control high levels of total dissolve solids.

Product Code: HD26.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Crystal Clear-Acidic Rinse

Diamond Crystal Clear Acidic - Superior wetting formula that provides removal of hard water mineral deposits from glassware and dinnerware.

Product Code:

HD28.01 (4 x 3.78L)
HD28.05 (18.9L)


Diamond Crystal Clear Plus Rinse

Diamond Crystal Clear Plus - Rinse additive for commercial dishwashers that dramatically accelerates drying time and reduces water spotting. Great for plastics. Low foam formulation controls foam in the wash tank & improves washing efficiency.

Product Code: HD31.01 (4 x 3.78L)
HD31.05 (18.9L)


Diamond IO San-Iodine Sani RInse

Concentrated iodine based sanitizer & rinsing agent ideally suited for use in bar glass washers for sanitizing & rinsing of glasses

Product Code: HD84.01 (4x3.78L)



Chlorine Test Strips
Quantenary Test Strips
Hydion Lo-Iodine Test Kit

Product Code: TP101 (100/vial)
TP104 (50/vial)
TP250-1L (1 tube/2 rolls strips)


Diamond Duty Plus-Grill & Fryer Cleaner

Diamond Duty Plus Grill & Fryer Cleaner - Powdered institutional strength cleaner designed to reduce or eliminate lengthy scrubbing. Its heavy duty formula removes caked on grease and carbon to keep deep fat fryers in “like new” condition.

Product Code: HDA1.10 (4.5kg)
HDA1.50 (22.6kg)


Diamond Grill & Oven Cleaner

Diamond Grill and Oven Cleaner - Concentrated heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser designed for use where heavy grease buildups are present. Ideal for use in institutional kitchens.

Product Code: HD114.01 (4 x 3.78Ll)


Diamond Citrus-Degreaser

CITRUS DEGREASER is a unique and versatile cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer. CITRUS DEGREASER can be used on porcelain fixtures, appliances, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, tubs, tiles, sinks and can even be used for heavy grease cleaning
from white wall tires to grease traps. CITRUS DEGREASER is a biodegradable degreaser that will penetrate and dissolve the most difficult cleaning jobs while leaving a fresh citrus scent.


Product Code: HD615.01(4x3.78L)


Diamond Super-Degreaser

Diamond Super Degreaser - This product is a multi-purpose product used for cleaning and degreasing applications that require a maximum cleaning strength. Use on ovens, gills, fryers, hoods, walls and floors.

Product Code: HD83.01(4x3.78L)
HD83.05 (18.9L)


Diamond Delimer/Descaler

Diamond Delimer/Descaler - Concentrated blend of acids formulated to quickly remove lime scale build-up. Great for use where hard water spots are likely to occur. Great removal for rust and lime.

Product Code: HD70.01 (4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Plastic Ware Destainer

Diamond Plasticware Destainer - Powdered detergent specifically formulated for presoaking soiled plastic dishes and utensils. This product is great for eliminating coffee, tea, fruit and other food stains.

Product Code: HD107.10 (4.5kg)


Diamond Silverware Pre-Soak

Diamond Silverware Presoak Powder - Concentrated powder designed to presoak heavily soiled dishes in a manual operation prior to cleaning.

Product Code: HD81.10(4 x 4.5kg)


Diamond Silver Soak Liquid

Diamond Silver Soak - Concentrated liquid presoak formulated to suspend stubborn stains from silverware and other soft metals.

Product Code: HD60.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Trap N Drain Maintainer

Diamond Trap N’ Drain - Complex solution of micro-organisms that completely biodegrades all organic waste in grease traps and drain lines.

Product Code: HD86.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Daybreak Hand Dish Wash Det

Diamond Daybreak Hand Dish Wash Detergent - Premium long lasting and high sudsing detergent for excellent removal of grease, oils, and soils found in restaurant and food operations.

Product Code: HD102.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Dual Kleen

Diamond Dual Kleen - Commercial grade, no rinse quat sanitizer for use where cross contamination is of critical importance. Food contact surface safe.

Product Code: HD331.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond WonderSuds Pot & Pan

Diamond Wonder Suds- Hand Dishwashing Detergent.

Product Code: HD186-20(20L)
HD186.01(4 x 3.78L)


Diamond Lemon Pot & Pan Cleaner

Diamond Lemon Pot & Pan Cleaner is a concentrated Dishwashing Detergent with a lemon fresh scent.

Product Code: HD198T.01(4 x 3.78L)

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