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Diamond Detergent Plus

Diamond Laundry Detergent Plus - Concentrated laundry detergent combining a blend of powerful surfactants and whitening agents for use in light to medium soil conditions.


Product Code: HD59.05 (20L)

Diamond Citrus Detergent Plus

Diamond Citrus Detergent Plus - Improves bleach performance with high pH levels. Effective for banquet linens with grease and oils and also for cosmetic stains in laundry operations.

Product Code: HD320.05 (18.9L)

Laundry Detergent HE/Low Foam

Diamond Laundry HE/Low Foam Detergent - Specially formulated detergent for use in high efficiency laundry equipment as well as low foaming applications. A little does a lot!

Product Code: HDL6.05(18.9L)


Diamond Break Xtra

Diamond Break Xtra - Effective in all water conditions and boosts performance in suds. Designed for on-premise laundry operations and is safe on most fabrics except silk, wool, or leather.


Product Code: HDL1.05 (18.9L)

Diamond Anti-Rust Sour

Diamond Anti-Rust Sour - Liquid neutralizing rinse additive that minimizes rust and iron stains as well as controlling the pH level for improved ironing.

Product Code: HD49.05(18.9L)

Diamond Q-Soft

Diamond Q Soft - Combination fabric softener & Deodorizer for laundry use. Also helps to control static in dryer.

Product Code: HD322.05 (18.9L)

Diamond Oxygen Destainer

Diamond Oxygen Destainer - Brightening and destaining solution that deodorizes and boosts the cleaning of whites and colours. Reduces the chance of iron discolouration.

Product Code: HD57.05 (18.9L)
HD57.25 (2 x 9.4L)

Diamond 12% Destainer

Diamond 12% Destainer - Chlorinated destainer removes stubborn stains while it deodorizes and boosts the capability for cleaning whites and most colorfast fabrics.

Product Code: HD53.01 (4x3.78L)
HD53.05 (18.9L)

Diamond Laundry Enzyme

Diamond Laundry Enzyme - Can be used as a presoak or a detergent booster. Allows stains to be removed in wash cycle.

Product Code: HDA7.05 (18.9L)

Diamond Powdered Laundry Detergent

Diamond Powdered Laundry Detergent - Powdered, low sudsing formula that removes and suspends stains for easy rinsing. Cleans, brightens, and freshens all fabric types.

Product Code: HD82.50 (22.6kg)

Pro Solve Grease/Tar Remover

Pro Solve Grease/Tar Remover - Emulsifier that aids in the breakup of organic soils as well as ink and tar based soils.

Product Code: HDA3.12 (12 x 946ml)

Diamond Blue Thunder Laundry Additive

Diamond Blue Thunder Laundry Additive - A highly alkaline detergent/additive for tough industrial soils and grease removal. Effective in all water conditions.

Product Code: HD315.05(18.9L)

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